Product Description



We manufacture and export vacuum tray dryers in Mumbai, India. The most popularly known and used batch dryer is a vacuum dryer and we are a well-known Vacuum Tray Dryer Exporter. They are shaped in a box structure. The medium flowing through the heating plates is water, steam or thermal oil. The gap between the heating plates is invented primarily by the surface loading and the foaming of the product. To void retrograde condensation the cabinet walls are indirectly preheated by the heating plates. 

We, Vacuum Tray Dryer Exporter offer you this Vacuum Tray Dryers at very reasonable rates you can view vacuum tray dryer diagram Vacuum Tray Dryer machine works under vacuum conditions on the conduction principle, known as vacuum tray dryer working principle. Store the products inside the dryer, which consists of multiple shelves and trays. The topmost frame is a dummy shelf placed there to ensure proper heating and prevent the dried powder from escaping into the solvent extraction system. Brackets are constructed hollow with baffles cum stiffeners placed in between shelves. Every shelf has an inlet and outlet nozzle connected to an inlet and outlet header through these nozzles.



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