More than 35years, TECHNIC PHARMA has extended its range to manufacture the entire machinery all by itself. This includes FLUID BED DRYERS, DRYING OVEN, ROTOCONE VACUUM DRYER, VACUUM TRAY DRYER and much more. Since last 5 years, marketing of the machineries is being done by various publications and by an effective way of correspondence to various clients.


We are committed to continuously work on the possibilities of new and required machinery that can be adaptable to new sectors with a proper infrastructural base. Our clients see us as a professional partner & supplier of various unique products.

We keep enhancing the quality of machinery and are focused on being at the fore of the market and owing to our progressive infrastructure and customer-centric business process. We always have a promising service in this industrial sector due to following: 

1. Genuine and amazing  team of professionals.

2. Adaptable and focused  business practices.

3. Client-centric approach

4. Competitive & affordable pricing policies.

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